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  1. Enter the address of the violation.
  2. Enter a detailed description of the violation
  3. Choose a violation type
  4. Upload any pictures or supporting documents. Select each of the documents or pictures you want to upload. You can upload more than one document by selecting them all at the same time.

Examples of each type:

  • Covenants
    • Parking in dirt
    • Trash spills
    • Storage
  • Forestry Health
    • Dead trees
    • Storm damaged trees
    • Beetle infested trees
  • Homeowner Inspection Program (Deferred Maintenance)
    • General appearance
    • Roof conditions
    • Non-compliant lights
    • Peeling paint
  • Construction Related Violation
    • Construction hours
    • Construction site appearance
    • Construction without a permit


One Stop was launched in June 2017 and we are continually amending this software to meet the unique needs of Tahoe Donner. If you have feeback, please share by emailing Thank you for your patience as we evolve to a more streamlined system.

Need help with permits or registrations?

We’ve created a webpage that explains each permit or registration step-by-step and gives you detailed information about fees, required forms and related items.

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